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September 21, 2012

A stupid Boyfriend thought LOL
means ” Lots Of Love”

So he sent this text to his Girlfriend,
“You are only Girl of my life…….LOL”


Boy1: Meet my wife Tina
Boy2: Oh! I know her
Boy1: How?
Boy2: We were caught sleeping together.
Boy1: What the hell?
Boy2: 10 years age, durin lecture in Maths class


Govt has passed a New Rule

Beautiful Girls n Handsome Boys have to
pay Personalitu TAX

Don’t Smile!!

I know you r safe

Oh! my God I have to pay…


He: I’ll climb the tallest mountain,
swim the deepest ocean,
walk on hot coal barefoot,
just for you…!!!

She: So sweet! Can you come to meet me?
He: Not now, its Mid Night!!!


Girl: Nice mobile where did
you get it?
Boy: I won this in a running race
Girl: how many persons participated?
Boy: Mobile owner, Police & Me!!!


A Grammar Freak Girl To Her Boyfriend
“You are as useless as.

“AY in “OKAY”


15 years back
Parents wanted their girl
to get married to a good boy

Parents wants their boy
to get married to a good girl


Girlfriend: I am soon Approaching
Boyfriend: From which Direction?


Girl: Whatt would you do if I
broke up with you?
Boy:Get back with my ex
Girl:Now I see how much you care,
Boy: Hey you wanna go out?
Girl: Go with your ex
Boy: You are my ex…


Brother: Hey Dad I got
a Girlfriend

Dad: Good job Son

Sister: Hey daddy, I got
a boyfriend

Dad: Loads Shotgun


Boyfriend: Do you think my salary
is sufficient for you?

Funny Girlfriend: It is sufficient for
me, but how will you survive?



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