I Love You SMS

October 4, 2012

I Love Coffee
I Love Tea
I Love You
& You Love Me.


A Cute Proposal:
Boy-I Love U
Boy-I’ll Die For U
Boy-I Cant Live Without U
Boy-I’ll Marry U


Love can be expressed in many ways
One way I know is to send it
across the distance
to the person who is reading this…

So, here is a rose for you darling
…and I Love You


A boy bought 12 flowers.
11 real n 1 fake.
He said to his GF
“I will Love You until
the last flower dies”


Don’t say I Love You with brain
or mind. Say it from
Bottom of Your Heart

U ve seen me cry,
U ve seen me laugh,
U ve seen me grow,
And you always
supported me.


Throughout my life
I Love You Mama & Pa…


I Love You not because
you are Perfect
I Love You because
you are so Perfect for ME!!!


If I can’t love you
as a Life Partner,

I will Love You as a

Their are so many ways
to say “I Love You”
But there are not enough ways
t say “How much I Love You”


I don’t say you “I Love You”
to hear it back. I say it so
You don’t Forget me EVER.


Because you ‘re the kind of
guy who’d laugh at me
when I fall, but help me up &
whisper it’s okay, I still Love You


I Love You with all
my butt,
I would say heart,
but my butt is
I Love You yesterday
I Love You still
I Always have…
I Always will Love You


There is only
1 way
2 say
those 3 words
and that is what I will do…
I Love You


When I tell you I Love You,
I don’t say it out of habit
I say it to remind you that
you are the best thing that
has ever happened to me
I Love You
You are Peanut to my Butter
You are the Star to my Burst
You are the Milky to my Way
You are the Ice to my Cream
You are the Froot to my Loops
You are the Ghetto to my Booty
You are the Best to my Friend
And all that means
“I Love You”



Everyone can say
“I Love You”
Not Everyone Really Means It.
So Believe It
When You Feel It,
Not When You Hear It.
I Love You
for all that you are
all that you have been
and all you are yet to be


not only for
what you are
but for what
I am when
I am with You


The Heaven brought us together forever
I will Love You forever,
in this life and in all the next lifes


I said I Love You,
you said it too…
the only difference
is I didn’t lie to you…


I Love You more than
I have ever found a way
to say to you
I Love You

I don’t say you “I Love You”
to hear it back. I say it so
You don’t Forget me EVER.

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